We don't just offer mowers and outdoor equipment for low prices. We offer repair services for many outdoor and construction equipment in need of repair! We offer a huge variety of repair services for many industry equipment as well as Bad Boy Mowers. We also provide additional parts for Bad Boy mowers and can install them as needed. Below is a brief list of equipment we repair as well as the parts we can supply for all your forestry, construction, and lawn needs. EQUIPMENT REPAIR IS NOT LIMITED TO THE ITEMS BELOW. For any questions on any other repair needs, please feel free to visit our Contact Page and get a hold of us!


We repair bull dozers so that you can continue pushing that dirt around!


We repair excavators so you can get back to digging and demolishing!


We repair backhoes so that you can get back to constructing, digging, and demolishing!


We repair skidders so that you can get back to transporting logs!

Engine Repair Services

At Jack's Equipment, we not only service and repair many of the most-needed pieces of heavy equipment listed above, but we also service and repair the engines that make them go. We service diesel and gas engines as needed at affordable prices so that you can continue doing the jobs that matter! Prices will vary based on engine type and size.

The Shop

We have many additional items located in our shop. We have everything from motor oil to accessories for your Bad Boy Mower. We also sell many styles/sizes of belts and blades for your mowing needs. We sell Kohler Engine parts including filters as well to keep your engine in top shape. Rollers and Jack's Equipment Company clothing retail round out the list of items we sell. Come take a look at the many other items we sell and manage for you (or Contact Us!)!